"Songs for Sale"

Bridget Graham
Berwyn, PA

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About my Fundraiser
I am running in the Rothman Institute 8K (4.9 miles) on November 19th to raise awareness and funds to #EndFTD! Frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) is a brain disease process that causes changes in behavior and personality, language and/or motor skills, and a deterioration in a person’s ability to function. Currently there are no treatments or a cure for FTD.

I am “selling” songs as an interactive way to fundraise for my bib. I will create a playlist for the day of my race based off of songs that my supporters “buy”. You don’t actually purchase the song, however you do make a specific donation amount and with that are given the opportunity to choose a song for me to add to my playlist. There are two rules: one, the song must be on Spotify (that’s how I get my music) and two, the song cannot be excessively long (try to keep it to under 5 minutes, no Stairway to Heaven).

Please add the name of the song and artist in the comment box of your donation. I’m only selling 25 songs as I want to ensure every song is listened to during my race. Thank you for your support and I hope you’ll pick music that’ll make this race a breeze for me!

Songs for "Sale":
  • Warm-up Song (5 songs available) – $5 per song
    • I’ll listen to these songs before the race, while I stretch and pump myself up.
  • Running Song (20 songs available) – $10 per song
    • I’ll listen to these songs during the race, to help keep my motivation going.
  • Finisher Song (1 song available) – $50 per song
    • I’ll listen to this song as I’m finishing the race, this is the most important song on the playlist.
  • Cool-down Song (5 songs available) – $5 per song
    • I’ll listen to these songs after the race, while I’m hopefully not hyperventilating.