Brandon's Catch-A-Thon

Brandon Portnoy

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About my Fundraiser
I love baseball and I love my Zayde (my grandfather). My Zayde is sick and he needs our help, I want to use baseball to help him.
In his life my Zayde has done amazing things for others:  He was a congregational Rabbi for almost 40 years.  He was a Chaplain in the Fire Department.  He was a Chaplain in the US Army for decades, and is a Veteran who served our country in the First Gulf War.  I am so proud to be my Zayde’s grandson and I hope that I can grow up and help other people the way he did.
But now my Zayde has a terrible disease called Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) which has prevented him from doing those great things he has done in his life. He cannot walk, talk, or eat.  It is hard for him to move at all.  It is very hard for me to communicate with him because of the disease. When I visit, I talk to him and tell him that I love him, but it makes me very sad that he can’t talk back. Every day I say a Misheberach (prayer for healing) for him hoping that he will get better.
A few years ago, my brother Max showed his support for our Zayde by organizing a Catch-a-Thon to raise money and awareness for the Association of Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) so they can conduct research to find a cure for my Zayde’s disease, and help support those who are suffering from FTD.  I know that this was very special to my Zayde and made him feel good that people were caring about him the way he always cared about them.  I am hoping to carry on that tradition this year for my own Bar Mitzvah Project and I hope you will give me your support.   
On November 20 at 1 PM at the JCC in Rockville, MD, I will be hosting my own “Catch-a-Thon” to raise money for AFTD and awareness about my Zayde’s disease.  At the event, kids (or even grown ups!) can help support the cause by participating in a three hour catch.  The idea is just to keep at least one ball going for the entire time!  Everyone who participates will get a free ticket to a Bethesda Big Train game, and there will be great prizes raffled off to participants from local baseball organizations and others, including Big Train, BCC Baseball, The Baseball Academy, and Graffiti Audio/Video to name just a few!
All donations will be sent to the AFTD.
Please join me in closing out the baseball season by helping my Zayde and so many others who really need it!
If you are interested in participating or need more info, please send me an email at    
Brandon Portnoy