With Love Campaign 2013

AFTD's awareness-raising and fundraising campaign centered around Valentine's Day

Widely recognized as the “Day of Love,” February 14th is just around the corner.  To honor this day, AFTD proudly launches its 2nd Annual “With Love” campaign to raise awareness of frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) and to raise money for care and a cure for the disease.

Frontotemporal degeneration is a disease that causes a group of brain disorders characterized by behavior, language and/or motor symptoms.  It strikes without regard to age, strength or activity level.  It can change the essence of a loved one’s personality.  It can halt their words and erase their sense of social graces and acceptable behavior.  For many, FTD steals the ability to express emotions and convey feelings with their closest family and friends.

Despite the many things that FTD takes from an affected person, there are many courageous, enduring and beautifully defiant stories of love within the FTD community.

The love that children feel for their parents deepens when one of those parents becomes afflicted with FTD.  Siblings Arpy, Alice and Matt Saunders can attest to that.  Their father, Arpiar, was diagnosed in 2009 with FTD.  He was an avid runner for most of his children’s lives.  Last May, the Arpy and Alice ran their first marathon to raise money for AFTD in honor of their father, with support and encouragement from Matt.

“What better way to show our love and support than run a marathon just for him?” said Alice.  They raised more than $5300 through AFTD’s Givezooks! and dedicated their run to their father.

“AFTD is doing incredible work to fund research into finding the cause and hopefully a cure for FTD.  We’re thankful for all of their hard work and were thrilled to raise money for this cause,” said Arpy. 

This Valentine’s Day, AFTD asks you to be part of our “With Love” campaign.  Make a donation in honor of someone with FTD.  Make a donation in honor of your loved one.  Share this page with other people who may not know about FTD.  Or create your own “With Love” fundraising appeal page and link it to ours, right on this site.  Anyone who creates their own appeal page will receive 15 FTD awareness bracelets from AFTD.  The top three online fundraisers will receive name-brand watches, and the first fundraiser to reach $4,000 in donations will receive a Michele Deco 16 women's watch with diamond chips, all courtesy of Fossil®. 

Be sure to let your supporters know that the first $21,000 raised will be matched by three generous donations from The Walter Charitable Foundation, The Rainwater Charitable Foundation and Lee Danis!  

Tell your story…tell your family and friends why their gift to AFTD is so important…tell someone, who’ll tell someone else about FTD.  Tell them…with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,
--Beth Walter, AFTD Board Chair

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